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Amazon Echo
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Amazon Echo, commonly known as Alexa, is a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon itself. Users can enjoy many skills of it, music playback, voice interaction, playing audio-books, providing traffic conditions, making lists, setting alarms, weather, news, or other real-time information. It can also control many smart devices using itself as a home automation system. You can also extend the skills by installing its application.

At present, It is available in many languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. It is also available in English and French (In Quebec accent), but this  the feature is available only in Canada.

Amazon Echo

Important Features-

 Amazon Echo has several features like setting timers, playing music, creating lists, and informing about current weather, news, etc.

 It can play music from many services.

 It listens to your command and performs the proper functions.

 It also answers your questions. This feature of Amazon Echo works by Wolfram language. When anyone asks any question, it converts sound waves into texts by which it gathers information from many sources.

 It also performs some additional functions through third-party skills, which are enabled by the users. Until April 2019, Amazon had 90,000 functions available for
the users.

 It is skilled to stream music and media. For this, the Amazon device is connected to an Amazon account, by which it enables access to someone's music library or any audiobook.

 The prime members of Amazon have a supplement ability to acquire stations, playlists, and millions of songs free of charge.

 You can also play music from Google Play, iTunes, and others on an Amazon device.

 It can also upload music. You can upload 250 songs. After doing this, it can play this music and control playback through voice commands.

 Another feature of Amazon Echo is that it has many ways by which the messages can be sent from its application. The messages are delivered to the recipient's Alexa application.
Its application is also helpful for sending typed messages. But it cannot send attachments such as videos and photos.

 It can inform you about severe weather warning issues, traffic conditions, or directions.

 Its business feature is a paid subscription service, allowing companies for video conferencing calls and schedule meeting rooms.
 It can also connect with any speaker via an audio cable or Bluetooth.


 Amazon Echo comes in various shapes and sizes. It comes in a hockey puck shape, or it has a smart speaker with a rounded shape.

 It contains a small number of buttons on the top in which there is volume control, mute speaker, and wake up a device to listen to the commands.

 It is available in three colors- white, grey, and black.

How to set-up Amazon Echo?

1. First, download and open the Alexa app (Android and iOS) on your mobile.

2. Select the device option in the lower right corner.

3. Click on the Plus sign in the top right corner, or press the hamburger menu (with the three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.

4. " Add Device."

5. Press the Amazon Echo icon that appears on the next screen. Then, press the image of the the3rd-generation Echo Dot.

6. Then Plugin the Echo Dot with the use of a power adapter. Once the blue light ring turns orange, the device is in Setup Mode.

7. Please wait for the Echo Dot to appear on your phone and select it. You' ll shift to your Wi-Fi settings. There, select the network called " Amazon-XXX." Then, return to the
Alexa app.

8. Choose a Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect the Echo Dot. Enter your password (if required).

9. Select any external speaker your Echo Dot will be using. (Ignore if you are not using it).

10. Create a room where you will place your Echo Dot.

If you are planning to buy a smart speaker for your home, picking the right model can be tricky; even if you' ve chose on a brand, the finest brands even have several different models for every
occasion. Similarly, It is available in various models. Out of which, the Amazon Echo Plus and the Amazon Echo Dot are two of the most popular smart speakers.

Here are a few comparisons between the best models of Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo has a 0.6-inch tweeter, whereas the Amazon Echo Plus' tweeter is 0.8inches. The Amazon Echo Dot is even less in terms of audio power. But it provides a decent
level of bass and resonance for listening to music and radio.

But here, we look into the big difference between the two popular models: The Amazon Echo Plus has some extra smart home features that the Amazon Echo Dot does not have. The Amazon
Echo Plus 2 also has this Zigbee compatibility in what Amazon calls a " smart home hub," to control a broader range of smart devices than the Echo 3.

We hope the details mentioned above will give you a clear idea about the Amazon smart speakers and you will find the most suitable for you.