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Car Alarm System: The Best Way To Guard Your Car

A car alarm system or guard is a device that offers 24/7 protection for you. It is a simple device system placed or installed inside your car to mitigate all the potential possibilities of theft and any theft related to the vehicle’s part. For example, when an unknown or unauthorized person touches your car, your car will start alarming with a beep sound, which will make the passerby and car owner alert against any theft or damage.

Over the past few decades, we have been watching a sudden increase in car robbery, especially in the metro cities. However, it wouldn’t be physically possible for you to guard your car all the time while parking outside. Perhaps, this is why going with an alarming car system is probably the best way to safeguard your prized vehicle.

When someone tries to break the car’s window or try some different keys to open it, the vehicle will sound loud to warn you.

A short history 

It all started with the name of St. George Evans and Edward Birkenbuel. These two men had created an experiment in the mid-1920s and developed the world’s first automotive immobilizer. The initial attempt to make an alarm system is relatively similar to the current car guard system working in the automobile market.

They created a device or alarm system that used to work on a combination of two different switches. It means the car owner used to establish a variety of controls in a car, and the same combination was needed to turn off the alarming sound while starting the vehicle.

Different Types of Car Guard Alarms 

Passive Alarm

It is one of the most common and preferable types of car guard systems in the market. It starts automatically just after the key will be removed from the car, and all the doors will be locked.

Active Car Alarm

Active car alarms are also quite popular among car owners. Unlike the previous one, it requires an additional command to get activated. For example, after removing the key from the car and making your door close, you need to function in addition to commanding the active alarms to activate. However, this alarm system gives more features compared to the passive approach.


The tracker guard system is quite popular in Western and European countries, but in Asian regions, it will take more time for this system to get familiar with car owners. This car guard system is immensely beneficial when your car is being stolen. With the help of the tracker system, you can trace your vehicle’s real-time position through the Global Positioning System. You will be notified timely at your registered device about the location of your car.


The immobilizer guard system is genuinely beneficial when someone tries to open a car with other keys or equipment. In this situation, the vehicle will be immobilized, and the emergency steering lock and light will be activated as warning and protection.

Audible Alarm

It is yet another prevalent and trendy car guard system in the market today. Your car’s light and sound will be activated through an audible alarm system whenever an unknown person tries to break the lock or window. The sound and light will keep always running until the owner stops the alarm.

Silent Alarm

It is one of the best ways to protect your car. Unlike the previous car guard systems, it doesn’t create sound or starts lighting, but it will send a quick notification to the owner’s phone immediately to take swift action.

Car Guard

Benefits of having a Car Guard System

High Resale Value

An alarm system can immensely increase the resale value of a car. People always prefer a car with an additional preventive system to quickly leave their vehicle outside without hesitating much. If you are planning to resale your car and renovate it to increase the sale value, install an alarm system to get higher prices.


When it comes to car insurance against any potential theft or damage, the insurance company considers some of the parameters like the car’s security system. If your vehicle already has an alarming system, it would be easier to claim the low premium of insurance.

Potential car theft 

As we have mentioned above, car theft issues have become a common problem in large cities. Installing a car guard system in your car can give an extra dimension of layer against any theft threats.

Smartphone application features 

Since the initial days of experimentation in the car guard systems, technology has evolved immensely over the years. The lock systems are now coming with an advanced feature like real-time location tracking and are connected with applications that can be used to open or close the car with a smartphone only.


The key-lock system has become an old thing now. People are using advanced feature-based car guard systems that can take car security to the next level. So, these were the significant benefits and a little short history of the alarming system.

Without a doubt, you love your car, and you should not take any chance with its security.