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Google Home Mini vs Google Nest: Important Differences

Maybe you’ve already made your decision to own one of Google’s smart speakers or smart displays. Now you are in a dilemma to choose from the various options available in Google home.  Don’t worry!! We can help. Below, we’ll familiarize you with the basics of Google Home and the chief differences between the speakers.

Google Home

What is Google Home?

This smart speaker was designed to compete with the other leading and popular speakers in the market. It has the potential to play music, but it is practically designed as the Google Assistant’s vehicle.

It is a voice-activated virtual helper that is connected to the internet. It is always attentive to its environment, but it won’t record what you say or respond to your commands until you pronounce one of its preprogrammed wake words which are either “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google.

As you know, it was a full-sized device. But now there are many smaller variants available, such as Google Home Nest and Google Home Mini. They share the features of having Google Assistant, and as they are smaller in size, they don’t lack in functionality. Both the Home Mini and Google Nest can play music, update Google apps, respond to your voice commands, and much more. So what makes these two different enough that they can be termed as separate products? Read on to find out.

Firstly let’s see what the similarities between the Nest Mini and Home Mini are?

  • Design
  • Features
  • Price

The Google Home Nest and Google Home Mini share the same cute puck-like design, and they have the exact dimensions too. Both of them are circular with material covering, and they both have LED lights at the top, which light up when the Google Assistant is activated.

The two devices also provide the similar mainstream traits in like  Google Assistant built-in, like the other Google Home devices and Nest Hub devices, allowing you to play music, control smart home devices and ask Google any question you want an answer to; whether that be what the weather it is like, what your calendar is like for that day, or how old Einstein was when he died. The price is also the same between both devices. However, you might find the Home Mini cheaper now.

Google Home

What’s different between the Google Nest and Home Mini?

There is no point in releasing a second-generation model if there are no improvements. So unsurprisingly, the Google Nest offers some upgrades to the Home Mini.

About the design

  • Home Mini: Accessory required for wall-mounting
  • Google Nest: Built-in screw mount, more viable

The main design in the Google Mini and the Google Nest is the same, but the Nest Mini adds a screw mount on the rear, which allows its easy hanging on the wall.

It makes the device much more flexible when we talk about placement, as the wall-hung option is built-in rather than requiring an additional accessory, like the Home Mini.

Also, the Google Nest is more sustainable than the Home Mini, as it is made from 35 percent recycled plastic, while its fabric is made from recycled bottles.


  • Google Mini: Tap volume controls, physical microphone mute button
  • Google Nest: Tap volume controls, pause controls, physical microphone mute button

The Google Home Mini contains a physical microphone mute button, and you can also control the volume with a tap on each side of the device.

The Google Nest meanwhile, also has a physical microphone mute button, but the volume tap controls are now placed next to the LED lights on the top of the gadget. And there’s an in-build ultrasound detector that lights up when your hand approaches the device, allowing you to tap to pause too.


Features and hardware

  • Home Mini: Two microphones
  • Google Nest: Three microphones

Additionally, with sound improvements, the Nest Mini adds the third microphone compared to the Home Mini. Also, Google claims this will allow the second generation model to respond to voice better and faster than the original model.


  • Nest Mini: 40mm driver, 360-degree sound
  • Home Mini: 40mm driver

The Google Mini is a great little device for the entry point, but its sound quality is not that good as the other devices in the range. It is suitable for background music and for answering your questions, but not necessarily as a device, you can use to listen to music day-in-day-out.

The Nest Mini meanwhile, has improved that with a new hardware platform and 40 percent better bass response as compared to the Home Mini.


The Google Nest Mini retains the cute, compact design of the Google Home Mini that we know and love, but it makes it more sustainable, with adding the benefit of a built-in wall mount.

This second-gen device also upgrades the sound quality, has more on-device control and contains an extra microphone for a better voice response, but the best part is retaining the same price.

The Google Nest is a no brainer over the Home Mini if you are choosing between the two. If you want an upgrade, you’ll surely get some good improvements over your Home Mini. Still, it’s probably worth keeping the Google Nest as an extra Google Assistant device in your home, rather than a replacement to the Home Mini as the Home Mini is still outstanding.