Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Home Security Camera

Have you faced issues of theft and robbery from your porch or anywhere outside your building? For example, somebody has broken your car windows or even worse, robbed your car? Outdoor Camera helped you to figure out this.

If your answer is yes, please understand, you need an outdoor camera. Surveillance of your surroundings is a vital need in today’s world. It is not about being paranoid or scared, it is a simple part of your home’s security because home is a place where one must feel completely safe. A coordinated arrangement of home security cameras can help you get a current view of your home’s surroundings, from anywhere in the world. A thorough knowledge about an outdoor camera is very essential before you invest in it. There are various features that need your attention before selecting the outdoor camera.


What does it do?

Outdoor cameras – rugged outdoor security devices that are meant to survive under heavy rains, snow, wind, and all the extreme weather conditions and record, communicate (sometimes), and alert about all the happenings around the house. These smart outdoor camera devices connect with your home wifi connection, Bluetooth, or sometimes even ethernet. Using wifi, the camera senses and records the movements of any and everything around. It allows you to view a person outside your house and communicate with him (even without opening the door of your house).

Weather Conditions for outdoor cameras –  Any outdoor camera that needs to be exposed to harsh weather conditions must have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The IP rating is a 2 digit number that tells you how well the outdoor home security camera can withstand weather conditions. The first digit gives information about the ingression of solid objects such as dust particles. It ranges from 0 (no protection) to 6 (total protection). The second digit measures how resistant the outdoor camera is to moisture and it ranges from 0 (no protection) to 9 (complete protection).

Most outdoor cameras have an IP66 rating, which means, complete protection from solid dust particles and partial protection from moisture. This means that you cannot immerse an outdoor camera in water but it can handle the moisture in the air.

 Outdoor Camera

Connection of outdoor wireless camera – Wireless outdoor cameras are always preferred over the wired outdoor cameras because wired cameras are prone to damage due to weather. Also, since the connection is through a wire, it can be easily cut and the connection can be distorted. Thus, most of the outdoor camera manufacturers produce wireless outdoor cameras for home security. Bluetooth is also used sometimes, but because of its range, a WiFi connection is preferred.

Motion detectors & sensors in wireless outdoor cameras – Most of the cameras have sensors and have a sensitivity such that it even detects a dog that crosses the street. Such sensors cannot miss if any person passes by. Depending on the features, some outdoor cameras start only if they sense anyone coming over while some of them record 24/7.

Also, wireless outdoor cameras have an inbuilt sound receptor and speaker for two-way communication without opening the door.

The camera quality of wireless outdoor cameras – The camera quality is a primary requirement of any home security outdoor camera. 720p and 1080p cameras are the most common and preferred camera quality for outdoor cameras. However, there are 4K HD cameras available but they need a very stable and high-speed internet connection. Also, when HD videos are recorded, they use a lot of cloud space for storing the data.

Another point that matters even more than the camera quality is the viewing angle. The broader the wider the field of view, the more part of the ground it covers.

All the outdoor cameras have a night vision. Most of them use IR (infrared) LED light & deliver a black & white night video. While there are some outdoor cameras that use white light and record a color video.

The price range of outdoor cameras with light – Depending on the features, outdoor cameras range between ₹3,000 and  ₹30,000. A lot of companies have their hands in camera manufacturing and supply. You will have to select your own camera as per your own needs and budget. Also, the price depends on the memory space you need for your data, this means if you store data for a month before overwriting and deleting it, it may be priced higher than the outdoor camera which has a memory to store 7 days data.

Select your camera and feel “safe” in your home. We are sure you will never regret installing an outdoor home security system- because of safety matters. Keep an eye on the happenings around your home from anywhere in the world just by using an app that connects you to the outdoor camera.

If you have any other queries regarding outdoor cameras and home security cameras, feel free to contact us.