Ping Camera

ping camera

A camera on which you can actually connect via a video call using WiFi and camera IP is a Ping Camera. In other words, a Ping Camera is a camera for indoors of your home, on which you can
call using the ping camera provider’s app and have a two-way conversation. If you are looking for a device that can keep an eye inside your home when you are unavailable, a ping camera is
the best. Ping cameras are best to consistently have an eye at home from anywhere in the world.

You can easily view all the happenings and even video calls using WiFi with just one touch. These cameras are the most useful if you have any kids, or pets, or any elderly people at your home.

Ping Camera

What is a ping camera?

Ping cameras also are known as an IP camera provides a smart home security system using a camera through which one can actually connect on a video call via the app used by the camera.
These cameras are high-definition wide-angle cameras that have a night vision and motion detectors & sensors. Some ping cameras also have temperature & moisture sensors to keep in
check the temperature of your home.

With such easy to use functions & features, ping cameras have great usability for covering smaller areas where two-way communication is an important purpose of buying the camera.
Ping cameras usually have 720p or 1080p quality cameras with a 155 degree (generally) wide-angle view and a night vision IR camera. It is equipped with motion detectors and sensors and
records only when some motion is detected. A ping camera sends an alert if it senses something suspicious as a notification or an email so that you can keep yourself updated.

How To  Install

It is very simple to install but usually, a ping camera provider sends an executive to install it for you so that there are no mishaps and you can understand the full potential of the product. If you want to install it on your own you can easily do it.

Place the camera as per your convenience and follow the instructions to install given with it. All of them have a different process of installation so we cannot generalize and mention a similar procedure for all the ping cameras.

Ping Camera- Uses

● Depending on the features, these camera takes snapshots whenever it senses any movement or a loud sound, or a sudden temperature shift for the record and security. Also, as it shifts from day mode to night mode it takes a snapshot to maintain

● When you call, the camera usually blinks its light and keeps ringing for 45 seconds or until someone receives the call. The in-built speaker and microphone help you have a smooth conversation and the supreme video quality gives you a good look into your
the home even if you are far away.

● A ping camera alerts you for any unusual or unfavorable activities happening at your home.

● With the night vision camera, the smart security system at your home is never sleeping. It will start recording as soon as it detects any motion. You can always set the sensitivity of the motion detector of your ping camera as per your choice. These are general uses of all the indoor home security systems. There are always specific uses and advantages of these cameras you select based on their features.

Ping Camera- Best products and offers

There are a lot of choices for ping cameras or indoor home security cameras. With varied features and functionalities, different cameras have different USPs and price range. So only you can select the ping camera that is the best buy for your home. Invest wisely in your home security system and keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.

These Cameras will always prove to be an asset to your home and its security. So, if you think there is a need for the system, just go for it without hesitation. It will always prove to be a great investment in your home.  For any other queries feel free to contact us.