Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm System: Major Stats and Benefits

While thinking about our home, a lot of things come to mind regarding its safety and security. And why not? It is probably the most endeared place that is close to our hearts. That said, you must be prepared to deal with all challenges. A fire incident is one of the key challenges you need to prepare for. The common causes for residential or home fire incidents are cooking, electrical fault, heating, and lighting failures such as lighting decoration during festivals or events. On the other hand, bonfires during the winters are also raising a lot of vulnerabilities. Install a smoke alarm and make your family more secure.

Smoke Alarm

So, what can you do to make sure about the right fire arrangements, or you have smart ways to stop them?

Perhaps, the answer would be a fire or smoke alarm system. A fire alarm or smoke detector systems are the best ways to keep your home protected from fire. It immensely saves you and your family by giving you alarming sound and notifications to get out of the danger before it turns into a ravaging inferno. The smoke system includes elements such as –

  • Batteries and primary or secondary levels of power supply
  • Sensitive smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector
  • Flashlight, audible, and many other notifications
  • Smoke alarms and pull stations
  • Dispatch management and constant monitoring panel


Some Primary Stats about Residential Fire

The stats are a bit old but still prominent to tell the devastating stories of fire incidents. As per the National Fire Protection Association, from 2013 to 2017, there were approximately300,000 residential fire incidents that occurred annually. And due to these fire incidents, over 2.6 thousand succumbed to death, and over 11 thousand people got injured every year.

Fire causes

Nearly half a million residential fire incidents have been reported by the US State fire department in 2018. On average, above 50 percent of incidents have been occurred due to cooking. And the rest of them were the results of over-heating, carelessness, and electricity malfunction.

Prominent Benefits of Having a Smoke Alarm System

Smoke detectors or a fire alarm system have a countless number of benefits. The automatic information and location dispatch to the nearest fire department and early detection are some of the most significant perquisites of having a fire alarm system at home.

Eliminate Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation during the fire incident is one of the standards and prominent reasons for death. The smoke inhalation is even more vicious than the actual flames and heat because the lethal combination of chemicals, gases, and smoke can cause skin swelling, airway collapse, and respiratory distress within a few minutes.

Without immediate medical assistance, these gases and distressing suffocation can lead to death. So, if you want to eliminate these potential possibilities, then install a smoke detector at home that can alert you way before it becomes fierce.

Early fire detection with a smoke alarm sound

Early fire detection is yet another significant benefit of having a fire alarm system at your home. During the initial stage, the smoke alarm system will make you alert through various visual and audio signals. You can take early measures to control the fire and protect your family.

Discount on home insurance policies 

Fire alarm systems are incredibly beneficial to get you a big discount on your home insurance policies. A fire alarm system means you are well-cautious about your home and prepared enough to deal with sudden fire incidents. They can give you an early indication of fire, which means less damage claim from the insurance company.

Some other benefits of smoke alarm

24/7 protection and monitoring 

With the advancement of technology, the fire alarm system has changed a lot. Whether you are at home, having a sound sleep at night, roaming at the backyard, or away from home, a fire alarm system will protect you and your family 24/7. It will send an early notification through loud sound and also inform the fire department by dispatch management.

Placement Flexibility of smoke alarm system

You can install a smoke alarm anywhere as per your convenience. Maybe near the kitchen, bedroom, hall, or bathroom, but it can be more suitable if you place them near the kitchen and the bedroom to hear the sound easily.

Affordable and easy

They are genuinely affordable systems. The moment you install the smoke detector, it starts working automatically and will give the best response against any potential fire situation.

Low maintenance of Smoke Alarm

However, a fire alarm system doesn’t need any high maintenance, but they still require few cares like battery change and technical inspection by the system engineer.


A high increase in fire incidents is making situations more difficult and concerning day by day. Perhaps, this is why early measures and precautions can be the best way to deal with it. So, do install a fire alarm system at home to make your family safe and happy.